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Blue-Surf Privacy Policy

Information We Collect

During sign up we collect your name, desired user name, password, and email address. All of these are public by default except your password, which is private. Your username that you choose to sign up with is always public. You may optionally choose to make your real name and email address private from the Edit Profile section, making it non-visible to other browsers of the web site.

We collect other information as well. Any data that you enter through the web site (such as through forms displayed on the web site) is at your own discretion and responsibility. Some information (such as the 'profile' page) may be viewable by anyone at any time. Any information that is not intended for public areas will be kept behind the security of your account password. We collect your IP address and timestamps of when you access the site. This information is private. We may also set cookies on your computer to help aid navigation and usability of the web site. These cookies will never contain personally identifiable information.

We may also use a third party stats tracking program to record statistics about our web site. This information will be kept confidential.

How We Use It

Your username and password is used to allow you access to the web site. We will use your email address to notify you of account activity or general newsletters. At your choosing, you may disable all emails sent from our domain. Your email address will not be sold, rented, shared, or by any other means made available to anyone other than the operators of the web site. Your IP address and access timestamps are used by us to analyze site activity on a per-account basis. Cookies that are set are used within the web site to aid in navigation and usability.

Third Party Advertisements

This web site may contain third party advertisements that may set cookies or collect other data. The operators of this web site have no control over those processes. You should see the appropriate privacy policies of the appropriate third party advertisers seen on the web site for more information regarding their privacy practices.


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