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Blue-Surf User Agreement

This document ("Agreement") outlines the acceptable use policy of Blue-Surf ("Site"). The Agreement may be modified at any time with or without update to you, the end user. Any changes made in the Agreement take effect immediately.

Site Usage

The Site is only a medium in which the intended purpose is for users to obtain traffic to web sites of their choosing. Any other use of the Site is prohibited and therefore not covered in the Agreement.

The Site is offered as-is without any guarantees. It does not even offer the guarantee of fitness for a particular purpose, INCLUDING THE PURPOSE IT IS INTEDED FOR. The site may experience down time or maitenance time in which you may not be able to log in to your account. The site may have unforeseen errors in functionality which in turn may cause in a reduction or increase in benefits to your account.

Any one user may only have one account at any time.

Any information submitted to the Site is considered public information, so be careful about which information you choose to reveal. Please see the Site's privacy policy for more information.

SPAM or unsolicited commercial email (UCE) will not be tolerated. The Site has a NO SPAM TOLERANCE. Formal complaints of SPAM will be dealt with with top priority. Confirmed SPAM or UCE complaints against you will result in the IMMEDIATE termination of membership to the Site without reimbursements of funds (whole or partial), any Site points or credits accumulated, or anything else. Legal action will be persued by the Site for any loss or damages incurred due to SPAM or UCE complaints against any member or user of the Site.

The Site is not connected to, partnered with, or affiliated any site that is in rotation or advertised on the Site. You must take it upon yourself to research or investigate any site advertised on the Site before making an investment in any site. You can check out businesses at the Better Business Bureau as well as various places on the internet.

You are responsible for tracking and/or cancelling any subscriptions or payments or investments made to the Site. Due to the nature of the Site, refunds will not be given in whole or in part.

The nature of the Site is to advertise and be advertised to. Any actions on your part to interfere with the Site nature is grounds for immediate account termination. This is including, but not limited to, surfing with your browser not showing the full screen, using automated software to surf for you, or holding more than one account per person.

The Site staff may, at any time, artifically inflate or deflate site (not user) statistics for the purpose of maintaining the well being of the Site.


The Site is not responsible for use, misuse, or abuse of the Site. Any activities which take place on the Site are at the risk of the user operating the Site. The Site may not and cannot be held responsible or liable (in public or in private) for any actions (intended or unintended, direct or indirect) that effect (directly or indirectly) any circumstance or happening, including, but not limited to loss or gain of monetary value, loss or gain of money, loss or gain of exposure, loss or gain of privacy, etc.


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